People may be leaving Facebook over privacy fears, but social media is here to stay

If you want to give yourself an intriguing hour or so, have a look at the data that Facebook or Google has on you. Most of us neither know nor care that just about everything we do is tracked, but Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony hearings 10 days ago has started something big. There have been a string of stories on people closing their Facebook accounts, though there have also been a lot of stories about how hard it is to wipe your record even if you do close your account.

I think it will be some months before we know for sure whether we have really reached “peak Facebook” – my guess is that we have in the sense that it will become a less valuable franchise – but in the meantime a lot of people are going to think more about privacy.

If you are a journalist you should not expect to have much privacy, though as it happens I have never bothered to go on Facebook. However, a quick check on my Google account showed exactly where I have been almost every day for the past year or so. For example, it knew I took the tube to have a coffee with a friend in Westminster this morning, the amount of time I took to get there and back, and the corner of the street where we drank it.

Facebook to ask everyone to agree to tracking to keep using it
Anyone can check their information and a lot more will do so in the weeks ahead. But the challenge to Facebook, Google and the other social media enterprises comes less from concerns about privacy and more about effectiveness. Social media is here to stay. You cannot get the toothpaste back in the tube. But economics will, I suggest, change social media, because at present the market giants are too general. Yes, they know where we have been, but they are too clunking. They pretend to their advertisers they know a lot about us, and in some senses they do, if we’re thinking about where I had that coffee this morning. But that information is not really useful and often just plain wrong. (Google thought I was on a sandbank in the middle of the Solway Firth a couple of months ago. Fortunately, given the Solway tides, I wasn’t.)

Social media will likely split into two broad groups. There will be mass-market services, run by the Facebooks, Googles and Amazons of the world, and their Chinese competitors, which will remain huge. But two things will happen to it. First, that market will be either stagnant or in secular decline. There is no cachet in being on social media because everyone is on it, which means it becomes a public utility rather like gas or electricity services. Second, the market will be regulated with increasing rigour by governments around the world. Regulation will change the nature of the business and it will combine with consumer push-back to make it less profitable.
The other broad group will be elite services. That is where the next burst of growth within social media is likely to take place. High-earners (or people with the skills that are likely to become high-earners) are the hardest people for any business to reach effectively. It is fascinating that one of the crudest forms of advertising, direct mail, is booming because putting a note through a letterbox in an affluent neighbourhood does get at least an instant of attention. An inappropriate or ill-targeted advertisement on a mobile device can seriously damage the advertiser, and the better-off the recipient the greater the commercial damage. As in so many other corners of the economy, the space will be either at the top, where margins are greatest, or at the bottom, where sheer numbers are so massive that tiny margins don’t matter.

These affinity group services – which may be a better categorisation than to call them elite services – will blossom. If, for example, you want to sell a vintage car, you don’t need to reach people who have a general interest in vintage cars, but rather those who are really likely to buy one. Their Facebook profile won’t tell you that. Indeed, they are probably not on Facebook anyway.

If the Facebook scandal scared you, you should hear about smart cities
Facebook stops users from benefitting from new data protection
Facebook admits it tracks users around the internet for ads
If this line of argument is right, what are the implications for society? There are obvious positives; people are becoming more aware of the adverse impacts of social media, and a combination of legislation, regulation, and self-restraint will curb some present excesses. I hope, too, that these companies will find they have to pay proper taxes rather than constructing artificial (and I am afraid, in effect, fictitious) corporate structures to avoid them. Expect people, too, to pay for privacy.

But there will be downsides. A huge amount has been made of the way in which social media has compartmentalised the news industry, and how people are only directed to news that fits in with their view of the world. But if social media becomes more segmented, then it will reinforce a trend that is already in place.

I can give you one example that highlights the way in which up-market online dating apps are increasing social inequality. There was a fascinating story on Bloomberg a few days ago which reported how young professionals used these apps to meet people like themselves. If you meet someone in bar, or even at work, you would be mixing with people of other backgrounds. If you meet on an app, meeting different people was less likely to take place. The result was an increase in wealth gaps. And even before online dating was developed there was an increased tendency for social mixing in the US. Indeed, this was one of the main reasons for increased inequality. Now it is becoming even more marked.

We’ll see. I think the world of social media has really reached some sort of inflexion point and that privacy will become increasingly important. But I worry that the next great shift in the communications revolution will have its downsides too.


4 Tips for Overcoming Stress and Being More Efficient


Life is quite fast these days so as the stress! You have to deal with this almost every day. You might be facing it at your office, home, or in your relations. But sometimes the stress helps us to stay focused and motivated.

The stress can affect your mood and you may feel paralyzed and can’t do much about it.  But you should learn how to overcome from this situation. There are some strategies you can use to overcome stress:

  • Use a Calendar:

You can start your stress management with the help of a calendar. Plan your activities. Use some apps like a Google Calendar to make important notes and deadline. For Example, if you are working at a high -level position, you can’t handle your workload without the help of a calendar.  Highlight your important dates like seminars, meetings and other responsibilities related to your work.

Once you have completed your to-do list, you can manage your routine much easily. It is suggested not to keep everything in mind; the psychologist also suggests write down important notes to improve memory.  This habit will save your time and will relieve a great amount of stress.

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  • Work in Peaceful Environment:

When you are stressed noise can distract you easily, so it is important to work in a peaceful environment.  Try to work in inspiring settings. For example, if your job routine is to use social media tools and you might be ended in using the Facebook all day. It will waste your time and you will get frantic before office hours. Use some Google Chrome tools like the Strick Workflow and Stayfocused to keep you away from distracting websites.

If you are stressed, request your boss to give you a peaceful environment where you can focus more easily.  Try to reach office ten or fifteen minutes early, clean your messy table and take a comfortable chair. Your stress level will come down for sure!

  • Beware of Warning Signals:

If you feel any changes in your office routine or at home, note it immediately. For example, you might be feeling headache for several days. Just don’t ignore this sign. This might be a result of fatigue or apathy. Check with your physician immediately.

After checking with your physician take a break, join some yoga classes or take a body massage from a therapist to reduce muscle tension.

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  • Avoid Chunk Food:

A healthy food helps you to reduce stress. When you are occupied due to workload you might be using junk food on regular basis. A Junk food not only increases your stress level but also results in extra weight. A simple plate of a salad is not enough; you need a calorie bomb to keep you doing for the whole day. The hamburgers, donuts, and cakes can make you feel heavy and sleepy. Try not to eat junk food on daily basis, add some colorful and tasty meals in your daily routine. A healthy food will keep you fresh for whole day.

Best Tools for Social Media Strategy Creation

In 90’s nobody even cares about the Social Media, but it’s the Social Media that is changing our lives. It is creating lots of opportunities for small entrepreneurs especially. You can build your customer ship with the help of these social media websites like Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc.  These tools can help you to get people excited about your brand and very useful in B2B campaign. Let’s discuss some of these tools:


It is quite a useful tool for the B2B marketers. It has built its reputation as a note-taking app. Just create your login and password and you can create quick notes, store ideas, and research in a user- friendly environment.  You can store any visual form as well, i.e. pictures, audio, text, and screenshots. You can also tag your stored data to locate it later.

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Best Dissertation Services Reviewed For You

Dissertations are very tiring and very difficult to compose. However, there are so many online websites that’ll cater your problems and write the entire dissertation for you! Here is a comparison of three online services for you:

  1. BestDissertation:

One of the top dissertation help UK websites that offer the services of writing your thesis. Nearly 500 writers, most of them having a PhD degree are present here to formulate the work. This website caters Masters and Doctorate degrees and their respective dissertations.

The advantages of this website are that they are client oriented; they never fall short of their promises to deliver on the exact date/time, they also revise it if you’re not fully satisfied, and the content they provide is topnotch. You can talk to customer support at any time, inquiring about their rules and regulations, the status of your work and so on. Their prices are very economical for the user ranging from 20-35$ per page, with respect to your specifications and demands. Furthermore, there are discount deals available that you can check out before you sign the deal.

  1. IvoryReasearch:
    This website focuses on graduate level assistance. This is of great significance because this site masters in doctoral degrees and this would be the best choice for you if that is the case with your dissertation too. Greatest pro of this site!

On the other hand, there are always shortcomings and this one has a very high price for its services in comparison to other websites. They begin from 30$ and go up to 90& even which is the double that of the aforementioned website. However, they do offer some services completely free of charge which is really nice of them and you can benefit from that a great deal. Well, what they offer is amazing, that is why they also charge more for it. If you’re lucky, you can find a deal off them that is both up to the mark as well as affordable.

  1. UK-Dissertation:
    This one has the upper hand when it comes to experience. They have been in the business for quite a long time now, thus they are very dependable and highly truthful. A valued number of clients have confirmed that this website is commendable in its services. They have a price calculator right there on the website, so you instantly know what you need to pay for the job to get done.

    Their price range is also inexpensive as compared to Ivory i.e. $19 to $ 42 per page. Their policies are all laid out on the website making it a transparent transaction between the two parties without any hassle or issues.

In conclusion, you’ve been shown the world of online dissertations and you can decide which one to opt based on your requirements, the subject at hand, the availability of writers, the deadlines you have to meet, the budget you can put out for the task and of course, whatever makes your heart satisfied. Choose wisely for the best outcome!

How to Write a First Class Dissertation Presentation

dissertation-presentation from Research Prospect UK

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Why Proofreading Your Dissertation is Important


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Is it Legal to Buy Online Dissertations in UK?

Dissertation and thesis are the foremost quality controllers that reflect the research carried out at universities. These dissertations are represented as the outcomes of focused experiments. The question, however, is formally being raised as to whether buying an online dissertation in UK is legal? Some people in UK hold a perception that purchasing customized dissertation is becoming a hurdle in producing first class creative researches. Others believe that it saves time for researchers in terms of formatting and editing. Continue reading “Is it Legal to Buy Online Dissertations in UK?”

Watch Live Cricket Streaming on the Internet

live cricket streaming

Why live streaming is popular?

It does not matter what you do in your life and what are your priorities, if you are a true fan of cricket, then you can not miss a match at any cost no matter what happens on earth. The only thing that would matter to you will be cricket match and win of your match. The old way of watching cricket is tv and cable, but new science and technology are so upgraded that you can watch live cricket streaming. If you are a true cricket fan, then you will want to watch each and every ball of cricket match of your team live. But what is making it possible? Many people are working day and night for you. They are working to make possible for you to watch cricket live anywhere. Old days are gone now you can watch live cricket anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet and laptop and take it anywhere with you. Live cricket streaming has become so popular because of its conveniences and because of a fact that it made cricket fans more connected to cricket. Because before live cricket streaming, they might need to miss a match because of a busy schedule but now they can take a mobile phone with them.

Watch live cricket streaming

Who does not want a good life with easy modes? Live cricket streaming is an easy mode for cricket fans. They can watch cricket easily than before. Before live streaming they had to stick to a chair or bed to watch the whole match and put other work on pending because of their cricket craze, there were only two options for them, either they could decrease their love for cricket which is impossible for some cricket fans and not easy either. The 2nd option was to put everything on pending. So technology development and the cricket development authorities gave them a third option. Now they can watch live cricket streaming on mobile phones and laptops just at the same time they can do other works without putting them on pending mode. They do not feel any problem now while watching live cricket. They can watch each and every cricket moment of them match of their team, and they can sport their team. Many cricket websites have launched their Android apps to make it more smooth and easier for cricket fans to watch live cricket on mobile.

Watching live cricket can be frustrating sometimes because of bad internet connection and low speed. On low speed, it starts to buffer which make it uneasy for a cricket fan to wait for the connection. You need 2mb/s internet connection to watch live cricket streaming without buffering and pausing. You can also watch live cricket on your laptop. You just need to go to a website and click on live streaming. You will watch the live match with live commentary and scores. You will also have the option of highlight after the match has ended. They can participate in discussions and debates with friends and other on best moment of the match.

Professional House Cleaning Services in Slough as Well as Maidenhead

cleaning services

Cleaning has much relevance compared to you think. In this hectic pull of life, people do not have time making their homes and also office tidy on regular basis. Although they aim to handle their 24 hours by making possibilities to spare some time to finish the cleansing task yet cannot attain it mainly.

Nowadays, when you aim to take care of all the day tasks full and also fall short in one you get depressed and feel weary. For that reason, a variety of firms now offer the Cleaning Services in Slough. These companies have house cleanings who are educated and also understand the reliable skills of cleaning. They can easily clean your environment living or working with top quality and hygienic techniques. A cleansing procedure requires a variety of things that you typically cannot do alone, for instance, recovering your old property. You most definitely need an expert team when you determine to relocate from one area to an additional. Suppose you need to change in a brand-new house, there are so many points you after that have to manage. Leaving a house needs whole lot feats like cleaning, packing etc. It is not practically the cleaning of your existing house but additionally regarding the other home in which you are going to be changed.

Your both properties require a specialist cleansing master’s solution after that since it is not a game that an individual might play alone. If you will certainly not clean your brand-new residence prior to moving after that you can offer effects conveniently. That’s why these companies are here in order to help you in at any time of requirement. They will certainly offer you a top quality cleaning and will certainly make your home fresh and also tidy without making you disappoint. This company can likewise serve you any kind of much location too. Just call them and also direct them to your location they will definitely be on specific area in a proper mean time. These service providers have electronic machines of cleansing as well. These professionals will certainly remove dirt from walls, spaces, as well as outdoors. Moreover, they also can press clean your rugs, carpets as well as curtains together with washroom, cooking area and also other components cleansing as well.


Moreover, these House Cleaning Services in Maidenheads have a well-oriented team. These agencies can also provide you routine solution which indicates that these cleansers will cover you entire house and can cleanse a component that you desire. This makes you complimentary to choose the service the means you want it. Nevertheless, a normal cleaning will not get rid of dirt that would be inside your storage places, couches, curtains, or in rugs. That’s why to have a deep cleaning service after some months is a better option. A routine company group will certainly have a daily, fortnightly, or a monthly study of your home that includes: closets cleansing, shelves as well as surface cleaning. On the other hand, a deep cleansing team will clean your home’s every single edge and also will additionally vacuum the dirt and wash the discolorations. You will find several firms dealing with different kinds of cleaning, you just need to pick the excellent one that will not just make you satisfy yet additionally supply you practical charges of services.

Therefore, the one reputed firm will certainly have a strong functioning experience with proof as well as qualified team of experts. The most effective business also has web sites so it will certainly be much easier for you to find the most effective one. They will certainly have correct information on their sites and the costs of every solution. You could additionally book their company online and make them serve you flawlessly. The group of a preferred cleaning company will have an efficient functioning mindset and style.