Impact of Marketing Research on Small Business Performance in UK

To evaluate the impact of marketing research on Small business performance in UK

Review of The ‘Research Opportunities in the Field of Marketing’.

Marketing Management


According to Saunders et al (2012), marketing research is defined as a systematic collection, classification, and analysis of data related to “marketing activities, opinions, and processes” in order to generate meaningful information to facilitate marketing decisions.  This systematic research includes multi-step design to collect valid and reliable data through appropriate tools like surveys, experiments, and interviews. Continue reading “Impact of Marketing Research on Small Business Performance in UK”

Marketing and Social Media Networking

It is extremely important for business organizations to develop successful business relationships to achieve long term gains. For maintaining and keeping up the positive presence, it is essential for an organization to conduct marketing through social networking. In comparison to the traditional marketing techniques, marketing done via social networks is more efficient and cheaper. In this era of 21st century, organizations have to reach out to large number of customers to increase their profit levels. Furthermore, organizations are required to adopt creative methods to reach put to the masses. This particular need of “marketing the business” is fulfilled by employing social media tools like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snap etc. Continue reading “Marketing and Social Media Networking”