Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

writing guidelines for engineering studentsEngineering, science and technical reports/papers provide information to make well-informed decisions. However, they are slightly different to reports on social sciences subjects such as marketing, economics and business. An effective engineering or technical report should incorporate efficient use of concise, clear and plain language, accurate and reliable facts, clear aims and objectives, and the ability to present complete picture of the problem. Moreover, a well presented report should use a logical structure whilst providing background research and recommendations to solve the problem. Continue reading “Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students”

How to Write a Literature Review, Simple Guide

literature review writing tipsAll college and university students are required to undertake Literature Review writing task as per of their dissertation project. A literature review chapter is perhaps the most influential section of the paper, providing the author with the information and data to complete other parts of the paper including Findings & Analysis and Discussion & Conclusions.

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Top 10 Tips for fast Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is perhaps the most challenging task you will ever come across as a student. Many of you would wait until the very last minute before initiating research on your dissertation project. This article is aimed at those who wish to complete their dissertation fast due to their delayed start to the project. Please follow some simple instructions below to complete your dissertation in a timely manner and to avoid penalties. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for fast Dissertation Writing”

Why Most Writing Advice Does Not Work

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Have you ever wondered whether writing is an art or a craft? To many, writing can be considered as both the art and craft. You have to be really patient to become a good writer. It takes time, determination, lots of hard work, and experience to improve your writing skills. But why do most writing advices do not work for the writers? Experienced writers typically offer tips with those inexperienced eagerly hoping to slightly improve their writing and achieve a small but valuable upgrade. Are you interesting in enhancing your writing capabilities. Are you struggling to become better in writing? If that is the case then this article is aimed at you. Continue reading “Why Most Writing Advice Does Not Work”

How to Prepare for Your Thesis Defence

Recently, a very close friend of mine and a student at Loughborough  University defended her thesis and let me tell you that it wasn’t easy for her to answer questions that she did not expect the audience to ask.  Luckily, she was one of the best students and held the record for the shortest time to achieve a degree in the university with a 30k plus job lined up for her. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your Thesis Defence”

How to Manage your Time during Exam Days

time management in examsManagement of time during exams can be a daunting task particularly if you have never been through it. When final exams are just around the corner, most students become concerned about what was taught to them during the semester. However, rather than spending all your time to revise the lecture notes, you should consider taking some time out in order to effectively manage your time. Continue reading “How to Manage your Time during Exam Days”

How to Communicate with your Supervisor

Supervisor CommunicationWorkplace or academic success largely depends on your ability to efficiently communicate with your supervisor. It is vitally important to discuss concerns with your supervisor to highlight any research limitations in a timely manner. Effective communication with your supervisor further includes reporting on your recent achievements and requesting for their feedback and assistance to overcome a substantial research-related problem. Continue reading “How to Communicate with your Supervisor”

Things You Need to Know Before You Start Your PHD

help for PHD Students

Getting help and advice from friends, colleagues, administrators, professors, students and parents and the internet is a common practice for those interested to apply for a PHD research programme. There is no denying the fact that it can be very challenging to identify and focus on things that can really make a long term difference. Continue reading “Things You Need to Know Before You Start Your PHD”