Some Useful Tips to Write the Perfect Main Body of Your Academic Paper

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Since the body comprises of 80 % of the paper it is essential that it covers all the supporting opinions in a rational and consistent way. The ultimate purpose of this section is to convince the reader that the main idea is correct and right, by backing it with relevant argumentations and evidences.   The contents of the body are given below.

Contents of the body

Writing the Main Body of Your Academic Paper
Writing the Main Body of Your Academic Paper
  • Main Ideas:

Main ideas are a set of reasons that firmly support the proposition presented as thesis. They cover all the main aspects of the thesis and give the reader an idea that the topic has been thoroughly researched and looked into.  However it is necessary for these arguments to be presented in a very organized manner, starting from the very basic concept and slowly built into a complex idea. If these arguments are not arranged in a systematic way then they may not sound convincing.

  • Supporting Ideas:

Supporting ideas are basically the supporting pillars of the main arguments. They consist of evidences that can strengthen the main ideas. The supporting ideas for one main idea are usually grouped together in a single or multiple paragraphs depending on the requirement however it is important that the consistency between the paragraphs is not compromised when the selection of transition words is done.

  • Evidences:

Evidences act as proofs and confirmation that the view point presented in thesis is right. These can be in form of other researches, reports or papers and therefore the main source of evidences is secondary data available on that particular thesis. However there is a proper manner of using these evidences. This manner is presented in the following steps. I was able to find some great report writing tips and advice on this page.

Writing the Main Body of Your Paper


Topic: Connection between Ungolu Rainforest Destruction and Red tailed Swallow Extinction

  • The main idea in this case would be that the extinction of Red Tailed Swallow would adversely affect the Rainforest and would contribute to its destruction.
  • The supporting idea would be that as this bird is the only insectivorous bird in the region and plays a crucial role in keeping the population of Cockscrew Beetles under control, in its absence the population would grow and destroy the forest.
  • The evidence for this destruction is presented in an earlier research in which Cooper has stated that these beetles make holes in the tree barks and makes them hollow from inside and thus killing the tree within three weeks.

This example clearly shows the approach which should be taken in order to make the entire idea sound convincing. It is in form of a pyramid where the base consists of all the proofs that fortify the supporting ideas on the second level and these supporting ideas act pillars for the top level by providing reasoning for the main ideas.


Body is the central and most important part of a thesis. It presents the main findings and also provides supporting arguments along with evidences which further strengthen idea or the concept presented in the paper. Therefore in order to make the entire argument sound convincing the body should be well organized and systematically arranged. The evidences should be consistent with ideas and should be relevant.


Some Useful Tips on Academic Essay Writing

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An accomplished academic essay requires students to dig deep and pay attention to details rather than simply making miscellaneous observations on a research topic. It is absolutely critical to include strong and relevant arguments in your essay in order to address the research question. The primary aim is to add value to the existing literature and also prove a set of points through evidence, research, arguments and reasoning. Use of relevant and authentic reference resources within the text and in the list of references adds weight to the arguments.

Sometimes it may be difficult for students to establish the questions they need to seek answer to in their essay and this is where their ability to formulate the research problem can come handy. It can be helpful to start with thinking, reading, browsing and jotting a provisional hypothesis and thesis. According to writing guidelines provided by most UK universities, student should not prematurely commit to their first answer. It is rather recommended to test different arguments and theories. The ability to develop counter-arguments and qualify or revise the evidence and answers along the course of writing is the best possible strategy particularly for beginners.

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Arguments can be presented in a range of ways. However, what will make your essay stand out is how you begin, develop and end your essay to present your arguments in a precise and clear manner. The flow of the essay should be assessed and revised before submission.

There are many ways of composing a great essay. Some useful tips to help you write a perfect essay are given below:

  • Successful writers love to write and therefore they tend to start writing relatively earlier, even if they are not even fully prepared and ready to write. Gifted writers use their writing as a means to discover and explore rather than using it simple to transcribe.
  • They do not write the entire essay from start to the end in one go. They take their time and write what comes to them naturally or whatever seems readiest to them.
  • It is important to keep the key objectives and purpose of the essay in mind even if you write freely. A recommended approach is to amend and improve as your proceed. It can be helpful to prepare the essay outline before starting to write about the technical issues.
  • Revise, Revise and Revise until your essay does not need any more redrafting and revision. Good writers attend to the whole essay and continue to draft until all pieces of the puzzle are solved. Subtracting, adding and editing different sections of the essay throughout the course of writing helps them to make sure that they stay on the right track. Good writers will also revise sentences once they have prepared a well-organized draft. This help them to make sure that their audience is able to interpret their arguments, statements and ideas, from sentence to sentence, and from paragraph to paragraph.