Problems facing International Students in the UK

Studying abroad may not be a pleasant experience for everyone. If you are an international student pursuing higher education in the UK then you will know for sure that there are a lot of potential problems that you will have to tackle on your own. It is essential to identify those problems and find solutions to them so that you can feel confident, relaxed and happy throughout your stay in the UK. Some of the major problems facing international students in the UK are briefly discussed below, and recommendations are provided to address the concerns.

problems facing international students in UK

  • Homesickness

Homesickness is perhaps one of the most common problems faced by the international students. Your personal circumstances might become even more challenging if you are following a tight schedule that restricts you from visiting your country even during the holidays. Homesickness can force a student to fall into depression, stress and anxiety and have a negative impact on your academic and social life. Some students may opt for student counselling services to learn to control their emotions in challenging times.

  • Integration problems

International students are usually not familiar with the culture of United Kingdom. They might have lived a very different life in their own country, and therefore can expect to face problems when adjusting to a new lifestyle. It takes time to integrate into the new culture. Counselling can help students to adjust to the changed environment.

  • Language barrier

A lot of international students experience this problem. The inability to properly make use of language can restrict them from effectively communicating with others and achieving high academic grade. If you are struggling with academic writing tasks such as coursework, assignments, dissertations and reports then it is recommended to obtain help from a reputed student writing service. Moreover, many international students might lack the confidence to engage in conversations. Learning the British accent present another challenge for international students. It is recommended to engage in conversations with the locals and listen to live radio programmes to successfully learn the British accent.

  • Financial problems

Studying abroad can take a toll on your own or your parents’ financial situation. Financial burdens that international students have to bear can make it difficult for them to manage their finances and studies simultaneously. Therefore, it is vitally important that you take maximum advantage of scholarships, financial aids and on campus jobs to improve your financial situation without compromising your education.

  • Immigration issues

Students may suffer from strict immigration laws concerning student visa extension and post study stay in the UK. If there are dependents involved then additional issues such as the increased visa processing fee and increased fund requirement will also have to be considered. Therefore it is advisable to plan in advance to ensure that their immigration needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Accommodation

With their limited network and connections in the UK, international students may also struggle to find a good, secure and cheap accommodation. It is possible to find affordable houses and rooms on various student network websites such as Facebook and GreenTree.

Five Differences Between British and American Education Systems

Academic Writing HelpThe United Kingdom and the United States of America both out-stand rest of the world in terms of having a distinguished and an exceptional education system because every other top university is located either located in the USA or the UK. Here students get to explore an environment which is not only rich in terms of gaining knowledge theoretically but also provides opportunities to them to master the art of implementing their knowledge practically. There is no doubt in the fact that both the countries cater their students in an incredible way and facilitate them in terms of completing higher education. However, there are some notable differences between the two education systems concerning the quality of student life and the education system. Some of the key differences between the UK and US students are given below.

Time duration for Degree Completion

Time length required to complete the degree requirements is the most important difference between the UK and the US education systems. Following are some of the differences between the two regarding time period required for degree completion.

  • It takes one year more in the US than the UK.
  • In both cases the student can opt for PhD program after his or her undergraduate degree but in the UK it’s more common to start with PhD program after the completion of master’s degree.
  • Students under the UK education system have to write course works that are not much diversified and they stick on to the major areas that they have selected unlike the US students who apart from their major course work also get to explore other subjects of various fields.
  • For the US students it takes longer time to complete their degree requirements than the UK students because the US students have to cater for more subjects and activities.

Focus of the Education System

  • The UK education system encourage students to review their concerned fields which keeps their focus mainly on the aspects of their own area of study. It aims to make students excel in the area of study they have opted for whereas the students of the US, apart from their major subjects, study other subjects outside the scope of their majors and experience the breadth of various fields.

Student Homework and Grading Criteria

  • As the education system of the US gives more consideration to the breadth of different academic fields of study, students have to prove their capabilities by undertaking assignments, quizzes, presentations, and formal exam covering percentage of the overall course mark. The rest of the grading depends on other tasks of the semester.
  • Unlike the US education system, in the UK the students undergo one final exam mostly with some occasional assignments. At times no assignments are required to be completed rather the final grade is based on one final exam.

Cost and accommodation



Education cost Type of accommodation
US Higher

Public institutions 2 years cost: Around $ 3000/year

Private institutions 4 years cost: $ 50,000/year

Provide students with residence halls to live. Students also share bedrooms with at least two students in each.
UK Moderate

Approximately $ 14,300/year

Usually it’s common to have single bedrooms. Bedroom sharing has also become common in the recent years.

Student traits

  • US students love having parties and drinking alcohol though the legal age for drinking is 21. In UK students can drink at the age of 18.
  • UK students are more self-disciplined than the US students.


Top 5 Dissertation Writing Mistakes Made by UK Students

Dissertation is the pinnacle or the culmination of your degree course. It provides you with the opportunity to test your own understanding of a subject by applying the knowledge which you have received over the entire course period. Dissertation can help you get your skills and abilities acknowledged by the potential employers, and therefore can play a valuable role in your professional career as well. However, there are some mistakes made that can prove disastrous and prevent your dissertation from being considered impeccable. The top five mistakes are given below.

Dissertation writing service

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you present another author’s work and findings as your own. As there is a lot of information available on the internet, some students find it easy to simply copy and paste that information in their thesis. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to quote some other research in your dissertation to strengthen your arguments but this should be done after changing it into your own words coupled with proper referencing. Plagiarism not only leaves a bad impression on the reader but also shows the lack of critical thinking abilities in the writer.

  • Lacking Structure

For your research to look impressive it is necessary for it to have a proper structure. Lack of structure can confuse the reader and also make your arguments sound not very convincing. Any dissertation should start with the very basic concept and then gradually move on to more complex stuff. Initially it should start with introduction then move on to related researches that are to be mentioned in the literature review. After that your own findings along with the supporting arguments should be presented and in the end a short but well written conclusion should be given.

  • Lack of supporting arguments

One of the biggest mistakes which you might make is not provide any supporting arguments to their findings and observations. Even though their stance can be totally correct but still in order to strengthen it, supporting arguments in form of similar researches and findings should be given. These arguments play a very convincing role when a reader is going through your dissertation.

  • Bad referencing or unauthentic sources

Sometimes students forget to use enough sources in their research or forget to mention them in their dissertation. References give the impression that the topic is well researched. Sadly students don’t realize their true worth and therefore suffer in the end. Another problem with referencing is when the material you have quoted comes from an unreliable and erratic source. Therefore it is recommended that students use enough, credible and properly formatted references when writing their dissertation.

  • No proofreading

Proofreading is done when you have finished writing your dissertation to check for any grammatical or formatting errors and missing arguments or information. This is very important but unfortunately is taken very seriously be many students. Therefore, it is highly recommended that before you submit your dissertation you go through it at least once or twice so that you can spot the mistakes on time and eliminate them from your dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is an easy task but writing an outstanding dissertation is a tough job to do, so it is recommended that students should seek expert advice and guidance before writing their dissertation.