Best Tools for Social Media Strategy Creation

social media strategy creation tools

In 90’s nobody even cares about the Social Media, but it’s the Social Media that is changing our lives. It is creating lots of opportunities for small entrepreneurs especially. You can build your customer ship with the help of these social media websites like Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc.  These tools can help you to get people excited about your brand and very useful in B2B campaign. Let’s discuss some of these tools:


It is quite a useful tool for the B2B marketers. It has built its reputation as a note-taking app. Just create your login and password and you can create quick notes, store ideas, and research in a user- friendly environment.  You can store any visual form as well, i.e. pictures, audio, text, and screenshots. You can also tag your stored data to locate it later.

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It is a useful tool for the professional B2B marketer. This tool helps you to give professional look to your image. For example, when you want to add an image in Face book or g+ , just select templates,colors,eye- catching font . It is a matter of few minutes that your image will look like a professionally designed content and it can capture the interest of the people. Over 10 million people are using the Canva. Currently, it is one of the best tools to make anyone a designer.

3- Buffer:

One account does it all! This tool allows you to post your social media content on multiple social media accounts. You can create your posting schedule for the Twitter,Youtube,Pinterest and Facebook. You can save your considerable time and energy. The Buffer is offering products for the individuals and business with reasonable price range. For 10 scheduled post per profile it offers services free of cost to the individual account.

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4- Brand 24:

It is another popular tool. The Brand 24 gives you real -time information about your brand and competitors as well. What people are thinking about your brand, their positive or negative comments? All this information can be viewed on this platform.  You can quickly communicate with a audience, which helps you to use your resources effectively and create potential sales opportunities. The UBER, Intel, Discovery channel and Watershed are currently the popular users of this tool.

5- Edgar:

You can use the old content of social media as long as it’s relevant. But it’s difficult to find old content on social media these days. The Edgar can help you in this situation. You can locate old content, which your followers might have missed because of a constant flow of information. But this time the followers might catch your informative story when you will repost it. The Edgar doubles your traffic by bringing new visitors each time you post.

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6- Bundlepost:

This tool also helps you to increase visitors to your social media sites. The Bundlepost can replace common niche keywords with the hashtags. It helps you to share unique content and sending marketing messages. It will manage your posts and will allow you to spend more time in creating your social content.


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