How to Write a Literature Review

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If you are pursuing higher education course then you are sure to be asked to complete a literature review assignment. I have been associated with the academic writing industry for the last 10 years, and I can tell you that Literature Reviews are the most fun type of coursework assignments you will come across during your undergraduate, graduate or PhD degree course. However, the task of writing a great literature review can become a very challenging one for you if you have not been able to develop an interest in the area of research.

Essentially, a literature review assignment provides you with the opportunity to explore a topic in detail. You will be required to search for published literature on any given topic. Articles, journals, papers, text books and dissertation papers completed and published by other scholars and researchers on the topic in the past can prove to be a good starting point for you. A literature review writing task can be separate assignment task or a part of the dissertation papers, essay or research report. In any case, the method of carrying our review of literature will remain the same. The aim and objectives of your assignment will be force that will eventually guide you in the right direction in terms of literature review.

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With literature review assignment, you cannot only enhance your topic on a given topic but also get the opportunity to present your researching and evaluation skills. As a literature review writer you will be evaluated based on your ability to seek, find and gather the required information in the forms of books, articles and journals. Secondly, you will be expected to apply principles of analysis to identify relevant and unbiased papers.

Some Important Features of a Literature Review

  • At the end of the review you will be expected to formulate questions that would others researchers could try and find answers to
  • Identify areas of controversy in the existing literature
  • Explaining to your readers the major findings so they know exactly what is and is not known
  • Your research should revolve around the research question you were asked to address

Some Tips and Techniques

  • Before doing anything else you should be able to clearly understand what your problem or research question is.
  • Find out what type of literature review you are conducting. Some common types of literature reviews include quantitative, policy, methodology, theoretical and qualitative.
  • What is the scope of your literature reviewing assignment? Know what type of publications you are expected to use as reference sources
  • You should complete the data collection process at the earliest. To start with you can look for information in your university/college library or on the internet.
  • Critically analyse the literature

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How to Write a Literature Review, Simple Guide

literature review writing tipsAll college and university students are required to undertake Literature Review writing task as per of their dissertation project. A literature review chapter is perhaps the most influential section of the paper, providing the author with the information and data to complete other parts of the paper including Findings & Analysis and Discussion & Conclusions.

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