Indian and Pakistani Students to be Specifically Targeted by UK

New immigration restrictions for international students are racially discriminating, reported According to immigration experts, prospective international students from India, Pakistan and Nigeria are likely to be denied a student visa primarily because of the high level of immigration offences in their country.Strict Visa Rules

A large number of UK universities are denying admission to applicants from countries based on their credibility. Under the stricter visa policies implemented by the Home office, students from countries that a poor record in terms of applicants not leaving the UK at the end of their education in the UK are having trouble securing admission in the institution of their choice. Although the UK Home office does not cap the number of international students to be taken from a country, the new immigration rules are a clear message to international students who wish to stay in the UK at the end of their course.

In his interview with the Times UK, Mostafa Rajaai, the NUS international Students’ Officer criticized the new policy and labelled it as “very unfair” for prospective students. He further added that”prospective students from these countries have a very negative view of the UK now.”

The visa refusal rate has been continuously climbing since the Cameron government came into power with the current refusal rate standing at 9 percent, based on over 250,000 applicants’ interviews carried out by HO. UK universities are required to hit the 10 percent refusal rate benchmark, according to the Times, and therefore many experts are of the view that it is likely that some universities are being forced to reject applications based on the credibility criteria.

One source claims that “some universities were told by the Home Office to stop recruiting from certain regions, mainly in Pakistan”.

In the recent times, the Home Secretary Theresa May has continuously vowed to include international undergraduate and graduate students in the overall number of immigrations in the UK. Her approach, however, has been criticized regularly by her fellow cabinet members and the members of the opposition. Various refugee charities as well as key players of education industry of the UK have also stepped up to have their concerns acknowledged.

It seems as if the UK Prime Minister and Theresa May are following two different paths, with David Cameron on a number of occasions claiming that there will be no cap placed on the number of international students that can be enrolled in UK universities. “As I’ve said before, no cap on the number of overseas who come and study at our universities,” he has said on the matter.