Top 20 Words in English Language

english-wordsWriting in English language can be a challenging task, especially if it is not your native language. While we try to improve our language skills in terms of writing, speaking and listening, learning about some of the most beautiful words in English is worth our time. Continue reading “Top 20 Words in English Language”

Writers, God gifted? Or self Created? What You Believe

writers_roomHow do you become a good writer? Do you have to be born with a genius to be a good writer? Or do you need to have the right mind set? Or may be chromosomal heritage is a necessity to be a good writer?

 If the answer to these questions is yes, then definitely only the naturally gifted writers are going to succeed in this profession.  But then what about the rest of us? We are as stuck as 5 feet tall NBA players missing out on their dreams because the nature hasn’t been too kind to us, not allowing us to follow our dreams…?

Ask for help on Professional Academic Writing and Learn to Write

Well, What if it is not true? What if the dream of becoming a good writer, at any level, is something within our reach and can be fulfilled without the dependency on genetic heritage? Does it worth the effort; little hard work in trying to achieve what you believe “YOU CAN”? Continue reading “Writers, God gifted? Or self Created? What You Believe”