Why Proofreading Your Dissertation is Important


The first instance for most of the postgraduate students is writing a dissertation or thesis where they are always required to produce long scientific or academic document. At times, the content of dissertation and thesis tend to be complex for most of the students and even contain lots of complex data and other types of information that must be explained and presented in a careful manner. Continue reading “Why Proofreading Your Dissertation is Important”

Impact of Marketing Research on Small Business Performance in UK

To evaluate the impact of marketing research on Small business performance in UK

Review of The ‘Research Opportunities in the Field of Marketing’.

Marketing Management


According to Saunders et al (2012), marketing research is defined as a systematic collection, classification, and analysis of data related to “marketing activities, opinions, and processes” in order to generate meaningful information to facilitate marketing decisions.  This systematic research includes multi-step design to collect valid and reliable data through appropriate tools like surveys, experiments, and interviews. Continue reading “Impact of Marketing Research on Small Business Performance in UK”