4 Tips for Overcoming Stress and Being More Efficient


Life is quite fast these days so as the stress! You have to deal with this almost every day. You might be facing it at your office, home, or in your relations. But sometimes the stress helps us to stay focused and motivated.

The stress can affect your mood and you may feel paralyzed and can’t do much about it.  But you should learn how to overcome from this situation. There are some strategies you can use to overcome stress:

  • Use a Calendar:

You can start your stress management with the help of a calendar. Plan your activities. Use some apps like a Google Calendar to make important notes and deadline. For Example, if you are working at a high -level position, you can’t handle your workload without the help of a calendar.  Highlight your important dates like seminars, meetings and other responsibilities related to your work.

Once you have completed your to-do list, you can manage your routine much easily. It is suggested not to keep everything in mind; the psychologist also suggests write down important notes to improve memory.  This habit will save your time and will relieve a great amount of stress.

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  • Work in Peaceful Environment:

When you are stressed noise can distract you easily, so it is important to work in a peaceful environment.  Try to work in inspiring settings. For example, if your job routine is to use social media tools and you might be ended in using the Facebook all day. It will waste your time and you will get frantic before office hours. Use some Google Chrome tools like the Strick Workflow and Stayfocused to keep you away from distracting websites.

If you are stressed, request your boss to give you a peaceful environment where you can focus more easily.  Try to reach office ten or fifteen minutes early, clean your messy table and take a comfortable chair. Your stress level will come down for sure!

  • Beware of Warning Signals:

If you feel any changes in your office routine or at home, note it immediately. For example, you might be feeling headache for several days. Just don’t ignore this sign. This might be a result of fatigue or apathy. Check with your physician immediately.

After checking with your physician take a break, join some yoga classes or take a body massage from a therapist to reduce muscle tension.

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  • Avoid Chunk Food:

A healthy food helps you to reduce stress. When you are occupied due to workload you might be using junk food on regular basis. A Junk food not only increases your stress level but also results in extra weight. A simple plate of a salad is not enough; you need a calorie bomb to keep you doing for the whole day. The hamburgers, donuts, and cakes can make you feel heavy and sleepy. Try not to eat junk food on daily basis, add some colorful and tasty meals in your daily routine. A healthy food will keep you fresh for whole day.