Useful Links

Resources for Writing:

1: International Students Struggling in English Writing

2: What you Believe about Writers? God Gifted or Self Created

3: Reasons Why You Should Hire A UK Based Writer

4: Do You Make These Writing Mistakes?

5: Top 20 Words in English Language

6. Writing and Communication Resources

Resources for Dissertation Writing:

1: How To Write a Dissertation Proposal

2: How To Write a Quality Dissertation

3: Worst Dissertation Writing Mistakes that You Should Avoid

4: Civil Engineering Dissertation Writing

5: Dissertation Writing Samples

6: Best Topics For Chemical Engineering Dissertation

7: How To Complete A Perfect Dissertation

8: Best Topics For Environmental Engineering Dissertation

9: Top Topics for Business Dissertation

10: Construction Engineering Dissertation Topics 2015

11: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Topics

Resources for Students:

1: How to Manage Your Time in Exams

2: How to Communicate with Your Supervisor

3: Things You need to Know Before you Start PHD

4: Impact of Marketing Research on Small Business Performance in UK

5: Need help in Writing a Proposal for Your Dissertation

6. Writing and Communication Courses 

7. Online Education in Australia 

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